5 Ways Hospitals Can Be Better Prepared During Flu Season

5 Ways Hospitals Can Be Better Prepared During Flu Season

Hospital departments all over the country are preparing for the upcoming flu season, and early reports from Australia suggest that the U.S. could be in store for a nasty and long season. “The number of influenza cases in parts of the southern hemisphere has spiked early this season, according to latest indicators. Experts agree that the flu season started early, and that careful monitoring is needed to see if it has implications for our 2019-20 flu season in the northern hemisphere.” – Source: Medscape “Flu Season Early Spike in Southern Hemisphere.”

It is well known that hospitals will institute specific rules and regulations specifically for flu season such as requiring all hospital staff to be vaccinated with the flu shot, posting strict handwashing rules and guidelines, and ensuring staff wear the proper PPE such as face shields, gloves, goggles, gowns, head covers, masks, and shoe covers.

In addition, hospital departments and supply chain management staff will be planning for flu season by taking account of their current medical equipment inventory, ordering high demand medical equipment in anticipation of the spike in-patient count they will encounter during the flu season. Specific medical equipment such as ventilators, infusion pumps, etc. typically needed during flu season will be essential to keeping patients safe and minimizing the spread of flu and flu-related complications.

As a leading movable medical equipment (MME) provider in the U.S., US Med-Equip has years of experience supporting our hospital partners, and their patients, with medical equipment and services during this critical, high demand time of year. In addition, we have outlined 5 ways hospitals can better prepare for critical MME needs during the upcoming flu season.

  1. Properly stock your hospital departments with the right equipment. Ensure all hospital departments have an adequate amount of medical equipment that will be needed for a long flu season, specifically medical equipment that is used to treat flu and flu-related complications. Chose an MME Rental provider who can handle your needs. For example, US Med-Equip is one of the largest MME rental companies in the U.S. with an inventory of over 38,000 pieces of equipment, with 290 dedicated employees serving 2,200 medical facilities throughout the U.S.
  2. Maintain equipment to protect patients. Hospitals should ensure that their equipment is properly maintained to the highest quality standards, and if they are renting equipment, their MME rental provider is ISO Certified and will deliver the equipment patient ready.
  3. Ensure compliance to minimize downtime. Hospitals should ensure that all medical equipment remains in compliance throughout the flu season, so they don’t encounter any interruptions in service on any equipment. A good MME rental provider will track and provide preventative maintenance (PM) management updates on equipment to its customers. For example, US Med-Equip provides its customers with proactive PM management email reminder alerts, provides PM Management reports through our customer web portal, mySMARTS, and checks with our customers in-person and via phone on a consistent basis to ensure all inventory remains compliant.
  4. Decrease costs by eliminating lost or misplaced equipment. Lost or misplaced equipment costs hospital systems millions of dollars each year and could endanger patient safety if needed for an emergency. US Med-Equip uses passive RFID technology, tagging each piece of equipment so, in the event of a misplaced piece of equipment, a USME representative can locate it.
  5. Ensure patient safety with a dedicated rental provider with exceptional 24-HR customer service: If you need to rent equipment, ensure your MME rental provider can handle last-minute orders, such as critical high demand equipment for the flu season that can be delivered when and where you need it. US Med-Equip is open 24/7, 365 to handle your orders, day or night, with a delivery time of 2-3 hours (+ drive time.)

Contact a USME representative today at 877-677-7767 or visit www.usmedequip.com for your MME rental needs to ensure your hospital is prepared during flu season.

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