Infusion Therapy

We offer a complete line of infusion pumps for the home infusion providers. Our infusion pump offering includes: multi-therapy ambulatory infusion pumps, micro dosing pumps, syringe pumps and single and multi-channel large volume infusion pumps.  Our equipment is delivered timely, clean, and patient-ready. Complete PM reports and equipment histories are available online via our mySMARTS customer portal.


Responsiveness and thoroughness are the hallmarks of a good respiratory therapist, so we in turn try to provide the same when servicing our home respiratory therapy companies’ needs. We understand the needs of a home respiratory provider are unique and we work to meet those needs. Because of the variety of devices and options used in homecare ventilation of patients, we work to profile our customers’ needs prior to our first order.

We strive to provide clean, complete and patient-ready equipment. Our portable homecare ventilators are well maintained and current within manufacturer’s specifications. We also provide common associated accessories upon request, such as, heaters/humidifiers, rolling stands, battery packs or car chargers.

Other respiratory products offering include BiPaps, CPaps, nebulizers, concentrators, vital signs monitors and pulse oximetry devices.

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Physical Therapy

We offer one of the most comprehensive rental inventories of continuous passive motion devices (CPMs) in the equipment rental industry. We have various leg CPMs which include normal, extra-long, pediatric and bilateral setups. We offer other CPMs for the shoulder, elbow, hand, finger and toe. We also provide the associated disposables for these devices. Other equipment includes alternating hot and cold machines to disposable cold machines.

Browse our CPMs here and our hot and cold machines in Central Supply.

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