Hospira GemStar Yellow Ambulatory Infusion

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Hospira GemStar (Yellow) Ambulatory Infusion - From pain management to ambulatory infusions and anywhere in between, the GemStar™ infusion system was specifically designed to improve safety across complex infusions.

GemStar Yellow - Offers 1 Therapy Feature

  • Pain Management (Epidural)

GemStar Blue - Offers 7 Therapies Features

  • Pain Management
  • TPN
  • Continuous
  • Variable Time
  • Weight Dosed
  • Intermittent
  • mL/hr Only

Product Features

  • Uniquely sized and color coded for quick identification
  • Color coding differentiates devices by therapy
  • Reduce the risk of line confusion at the point of care
  • Highly configurable with up to seven therapies
  • Simple, menu-driven programming with numeric keypad
  • The ability to customize devices to simplify programming
  • Four keypad lockouts
  • Enhancing free-flow protection — with integrated cassette technology
  • Mandatory confirmation screens



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