Two Real-Life Employee Stories During the Texas Winter Storm

Two Real-Life Employee Stories During the Texas Winter Storm

US Med-Equip "Above & Beyond Series" are real-life stories that feature USME dedicated employees who have taken initiative, above and beyond normal circumstances, to help our hospital partners promote the healing process for their patients. 

A special thanks to USME Customer Service Representative David Hutchinson, who February 14th, responded to a 10 p.m. call from our hospital partner in Lafayette, LA in critical need of a NICU ventilator for an infant. David quickly defrosted the lift gate on the vehicle, which had frozen solid before departing and upon his arrival, and was able to successfully deliver the life-saving, critical care medical equipment in time. We are so proud of our dedicated employees driven by our shared mission to promote the healing process for the patients our hospital partners serve.

In the height of the Texas Winter Storm on Feb. 16th, USME received a call from the Director of Respiratory of one of USME’s Dallas hospital partners at 2:00pm for two NICU ventilators for critical infants who rely on the ventilation for their premature lungs. USME treats these calls as their “most urgent calls.” Knowing the weather situation, USME leadership was hesitant to allow our delivery drivers (CSRs) to be on the road. However, our senior Customer Service Representative, Sheldon McKie, rose to the challenge to deliver the life-saving equipment to our partner, understanding the critical need of the life-saving equipment for their NICU. Experiencing 7-degree weather and very icy driving conditions, Sheldon had to meticulously make his way to our hospital partner during the treacherous road conditions but still made the delivery by 3:20 pm (less than an hour and a half after the order was placed!) USME’s CSRs are on the front lines of our business and are the heart of our organization. They are dedicated employees who live the USME mission on a daily basis, promoting the healing process for our partners and the patients they serve. Thank you, Sheldon, for making a difference in the lives of our partners’ patients.

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