USME offers turnkey service for Hospital Equipment Shutdowns

USME offers turnkey service for Hospital Equipment Shutdowns

Temporarily shutting down hospital departments, areas, or medical equipment is a complicated endeavor for hospitals. Here’s how US Med-Equip’s team of experienced shutdown experts work with hospital partners during routine medical equipment maintenance or emergency medical equipment shutdowns to minimize any disruption to healthcare providers’ important business of helping patients heal:

Urgency to efficiently and effectively manage equipment shutdowns due to routine maintenance, cleaning, recalls, or upgrades.
Switching out medical equipment and shutting down departments can be time-sensitive and require a team that works with the sense of urgency and care with which hospital staffers are accustomed. Whether cleaning respiratory suction units, upgrading software systems for monitoring or telemetry equipment, or switching out specific parts of a device after a manufacturer recall, healthcare providers can take no chances that any routine maintenance will affect their patients’ quality of care.

Unmatched customer service with a comprehensive plan of action and coordinated communication with hospital staff—from department directors to warehouse crews
When replacing medical equipment in use, comprehensive planning and coordination are critical between multiple hospital departments and facilities. USME’s team is experienced in supporting hospital partners with the following, based on their unique needs:

  • On-site assessments to determine equipment and parts needed (type, quantity, etc.)
  • Scheduling of equipment delivery in coordination with each hospital department
  • Delivery of RFID tagged, patient-ready equipment at the exact time of need
  • RFID scan and scheduled pick up of equipment at completion of shutdown

Availability of patient-ready medical equipment rental inventory when it’s needed
While helping hospitals coordinate shutdown events, USME’s team looks at the type and quantity of equipment/parts affected, the exact date and time of scheduled shutdown, and other critical details to help ensure any backup equipment is safely delivered, patient-ready and on the floor at the moment it’s needed. US Med-Equip’s robust fleet of 60,000 pieces of medical equipment is available for rent to assist with any quantity needed during an equipment shutdown event.

In the event of an emergency, US Med-Equip’s 24/7, 365 rapid response team and 2-hr (+drive time) delivery commitment will ensure that hospitals have the equipment they need, when they need it.
US Med-Equip is open 24 hours, 7 days a week with an industry-leading average delivery time of 3.15* hours to ensure that medical equipment shutdowns require minimal interruptions in-patient care. Our business development representatives and customer service representatives are specifically trained to deal with emergency medical equipment shutdowns.

*2018 delivery average

The US Med-Equip team is standing by, ready to help make your next equipment shutdown run as smoothly as possible. Learn more or Contact Us to request a quote at 877-677-7767

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