We Take Care of Our Partners

We know you deserve the best, that’s why when you call, we deliver – Right, Ready and On-Time.

In January, during the busiest time of the year, we fulfilled 99% of our orders, regardless of distance, weather, or time of request. We delivered over 2,300 rental orders and our partners received what they needed with an average delivery time of 3 hours. That’s an amazing feat but not a surprise to our amazing US Med-Equip Operations Team!

Several hospitals have experienced first-hand what US Med-Equip does for them – excellent customer service with the ability to provide the important life-saving equipment in less than two hours. This Encompass Health partner said it like this:

“We called looking for 6 infusion pumps ASAP and stated USME was our last hope in getting this equipment as we had called everyone, including UHS, looking for Sapphire pumps. UHS is our primary rental provider and they said they would call us back regarding what equipment they had….We were blown away on everything they [USME] did in order to get us this equipment. I had a face to face with the Business Representative one week after the order was placed and told him I was still waiting on our old provider to call me back. I emphatically said, ‘I don’t forget things like this, both what USME did to make it happen and what the old provider didn’t do.'” – Encompass Health partner.

Our biomeds go through eight steps to ensure that the equipment is patient ready; We have all the newest equipment and most extensive movable medical equipment in our industry ensuring that we are prepared to meet our partner’s needs; Our 2 hour plus drive time processing and delivery starts from the moment we answer your call.

“This is the culmination of all aspects of our company coming together to get this accomplished. 5 months before, Sales completes assessments to request to track customer needs in this season. Purchasing analyzes data to best determine how many products we need to buy and when and where to purchase. Finally, Logistics moves it to the appropriate branches and the branches deliver it ASAP.” – Ed Gay, Director of Operations

Receiving, sterile processing, equipment management, biomedical services, Quality Control, Shipping, Branch Operations, etc. All of us here at USME play an important role in taking care of our partners and helping save lives by being Right, Ready and On-Time.

Our Partners know we are the best, isn’t it time you deserve the best too?