Otto Bock W2 Wrist CPM Device

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Otto Bock W2 Wrist CPM Device is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip. The Otto Block W2 Wrist CPM Machine is the leading lightweight portable wrist device available -- lightweight and portable flexion, deviation, and extension for wrists. The portable W2 Wrist CPM is designed to deliver maximum mobility to the wrist joint in flexion/extension and ulnar/radial deviation, or a combination of both. Treatment is further enhanced by its anatomical free-linkage design to help prevent compression and distraction of the radiocarpal joint. Dual reverse-on-load Force settings also provide customized treatment.  Lightweight construction and comfortable softgoods allow the W2 to be worn for extended periods of time in both hospital and home settings.  For patient safety, a reverse-on-load safety feature ensures the W2 will reverse the direction of motion should the patient resist motion, or if motion should be obstructed.

Product Features

  • Fully portable
  • Full range of motion over both flexion/extension and ulnar/radial deviation, or a combination of both
  • Durable, compact and comfortable design
  • Adjustable force settings
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Reverse-on-load safety feature
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