Philips M2601B Telemetry Transmitter

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Philips M2601B Telemetry Transmitter - The Philips M2601B telemetry transmitter is designed to be durable, ergonomic and comfortable for patients to wear with adaptability to provide feedback for tasks in many facilities. The M2601B transmitter sends continuous ECG and FAST-SpO2 measurements to the information center, where measurements are captured, analyzed, displayed and stored.

Product Features:

  • Operates within the FCC allocated/protected WMTS radio band.
  • Integrated ECG and FAST-SpO2 data transmitted for display, processing and storage at the central station for greater flexibility in providing an improved assessment tool.
  • Clinical EASI 12-lead or standard 5-lead ECG in the same M2601B transmitter.
  • Uses two AA batteries.
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