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Requiring only a minimum of space, the HAMILTON-C1 mechanical ventilator combines invasive and noninvasive modes as well as high flow oxygen therapy with maximum mobility. The integrated high-performance turbine enables the HAMILTON-C1 to be completely independent from compressed air. This makes it an ideal companion for all patient groups in the intensive care unit, emergency ward, recovery room or intermediate care, long-term acute care facilities, and during intrahospital transport

  • · Compact and independent from compressed air
  • · Adult, pediatric, with Optional neonatal ventilation
  • · ASV- automated lung-protective ventilation
  • · Mobility for intrahospital transport
  • · Optimal performance for noninvasive ventilation
  • · Optional High Flow Oxygen Therapy


ASV : The highest-ranking ventilation mode

ASV is a well-established mode in critical care since 1998 and has become a standard mode in many hospitals around the world. A recent publication named ASV and the next generation INTELLiVENT-ASV* as the highest-rankingventilation modes on the market, based on technological capabilities related to the goal of patient safety, comfort, and liberation.


Ventilator has new generation advance facility like:-

    · Dynamic lung:-real time visualization of the lung picture on screen with representation of tidal volume, lung compliance, resistance& patient activity .

· Vent status:-visual representation of ventilator dependency, grouped into oxygenation, CO2 elimination, patient activity.

· Monitoring - 41 monitoring parameters can be displayed.

· Real time waveforms:-Paw, flow, volume, p trachea ,optional:-CO2

· Event log:-storage &display of up to 1000 events with date and time.


Technical Specifications:

  • · Tidal Volume range 20 ml -2000 ml
  • · Ventilator is capable to work from 3kg to 200 kg patient Adult & Pediatric. It can be upgrade to Neonatal from 200gms with tidal volume of 2ml to 300ml.

· Ventilator weight is less than 5 kg.

  • · 8.4-inch TFT color touch screen Display, backlight.

· Work on high pressure & low-pressure Oxygen supply.

· Ventilator has Optional inbuilt Main stream ETCO2 and SPO2 Monitoring.

· Ventilator has more than 4-hour’s battery backup.

  • · Ventilator has Accurate / Precise measurement of patient data through proximal flow sensor technology.

· Integrated ultra-quite turbine for air delivery with Peak flow of 260 LPM.

  • · Able to Visualize 24 Parameters in Single Screen.
  • · In-built Pneumatic Nebulizer with medication set
  • · Apnea backup ventilation- Bi-directional
  • · IntelliTrig: Automatic response to varying leaks
  • · IntelliSync: Guaranteed rate ventilation
21.00 LBS
4.50 (cm)
8.00 (cm)
8.00 (cm)
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