Hill-Rom CareAssist P1170C Hospital Bed


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Condition: Refurbished

All refurbished equipment sold by U.S. Med-Equip, Inc. (“USME”) is patient-ready and is warranted to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year unless otherwise

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Hill-Rom CareAssist P1170C Hospital Bed is a Hill Rom Hospital Bed available for sale from US Med-Equip. The CareAssist bed takes some of the innovative features originally developed for Hill-Rom’s high-acuity beds and makes them available on beds designed for low- to medium-acuity patients placed in the medical-surgical environment. Hill-Rom’s CareAssist bed is designed to assist caregivers in their more physically demanding duties, such as positioning the patient in bed or manually transporting the patient through the facility.

Includes: Foam Mattress, Boards, Scale, Detachable controller

Product Features

  • A one-touch button that glides the patient into a Dining Chair™ position.
  • Shearless Pivot® mechanism that reduces the need for caregivers to reposition their patients.
  • Four-wheel dual locking brake system with brake-off alarm.
  • Standard battery backup for nursing and patient controls.
  • Built-in bed extender.
  • Raised headboard so caregivers can easily guide the bed during transport.
  • An “Instant CPR” lever that quickly and gently lowers the patient, reducing caregiver back strain.


Technical Specifications
Overall Width 39.74″ (100.95 cm)
Overall Size (fully extended length) 90.04″ to 94.04″
Casters 6″
Low position – sleep deck to floor 15.75″
High position – sleep deck to floor 33.24″ (81.90 cm)
Max head elevation 68 degrees
Max Trend & reverse Trend 16 degrees
Maximum Patient Weight 400 lbs (181.4 kg)

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