Medela Invia Liberty Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Medela Invia Liberty Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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Invia Liberty Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System We’re proud to offer a wound care solution from Medela- experts in medical vacuum technology for over 50 years.

Why Choose Medela? 

  • Cost Effective
  • Improves Transitions to Post-Acute Care
  • Positive Outcomes
  • 24/7 Clinical Support
  • Proven US Med-Equip Service


Innovating Wound Care

Medela Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Solutions are a preferred choice of care for treating acute and chronic wounds in hospitals, clinics, long-term care and home care settings. Patients appreciate the ease-of-use, quiet operation and compact size of the Invia Liberty. The device can be carried in a discrete bag, facilitating mobility, and the docking station allows for easy charging. Invia Liberty’s innovative design delivers excellent functionality with its simple set-up and easy operation. Customers appreciate US Med-Equip's timely delivery and Medela's wound care certified RNs on call 24/7. Medela single-use pumps are available for post-acute care.

For more information on Medela's complete product line and clinical research visit the Medela NPWT information page.

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