PM 63 PowerVac Plus

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Precision Medical PM63 PowerVac+ Intermittent Aspirator

It's Powerful:

  • Power and Higher Flow in a compact size
  • High performance 1/5 horsepower pump delivers suction range of 0-200 mmHg 
  • Full vacuum of 279 mmHg

It's Lightweight & Compact:

  • An average 42% lighter
  • 44% smaller than comparable units
  • Fits where space is at a minimum 
  • Easy to carry

It's Durable & Conveninet:

  • The unique canister holder is moveable, for best placement near point of use
  • The plastic cabinet is durable and easy-to-clean as well as infection-control friendly
  • Dual protection system consists of a float shut-off in the canister lid and an In-line hydrophobic filter to prevent back flow of fluids as well as prevents airborne contaminants from entering the pump
  • Unique design allows for a more quieter operation 
  • No need to replace the full unit, only the problem module
21.20 LBS
7.36 (cm)
10.13 (cm)
15.88 (cm)
For Rent or Purchase