Respironics BiPAP Synchrony S


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Respironics BiPAP Synchrony S  – Synchrony can be adapted to meet a patient’s needs by offering flexibility in treatment options. For greater flexibility, the unit has continuous positive airway pressure, and Pressure-Control Modes. Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity™ has enhanced leak compensation to allow for better matching of the patient’s breathing pattern. Vent Ramp and RiseTime™ also aid in the delivery of comfortable ventilation. Features a broad pressure range of 4 to 30 cm H2O and the ability to collect patient therapy, compliance and machine data using an optional built-in modem. Traveling is easy with the Synchrony, as it is DC capable and weighs only six pounds

Product Features

  • Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity
  • Ensures optimum sensitivity despite changing breathing patterns and leak conditions.
  • Pressure-based leak determination provides a highly responsive and accurate triggering and cycling performance.
  • Automatically detects mouth leaks during IPAP, and effectively cycles to EPAP.
  • Automatically adjusts sensitivity levels and increases patient comfort.
  • Easy-To-Use intuitive interface makes setup and operation quick and easy; displays key set and measured parameters.
  • Compact, Lightweight design weighs only six pounds and uses minimal space on nightstand.• Adjustable RiseTime enhances patient comfort and allows for adjustment of inspiratory flow rate to meet patient needs.
  • Wide Pressure Range and Flow Capability provides maximum pressure delivery of 30 cm H2O and higher flow capabilities for use with a wider range of patients.
  • Vent Ramp feature designed specifically for the bi-level ventilation user to allow unit pressure to gradually ramp to prescription pressure with each breath.
  • Oxygen Valve provides safe operation with supplemental oxygen by turning the oxygen flow off/on with unit operation to prevent excessive build-up of oxygen when the unit is off.
  • Monitoring Of Data, such as Tidal Volume and Minute Ventilation, provides patients and caregivers with the knowledge of proper treatment and ventilator set up.\
  • Optional Built-In Modem allows transfer data from a remote location.
  • Encore® Software™ stores months of patient usage and machine data for download and reporting.
  • DC-Power Compatibility allows for easy connection to an external battery.
  • Alarm also notifies user when battery is low.


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