US Med-Equip is the most technology-infused company in the industry. In keeping with our commitment to offering our customers the best service in the industry, we offer many technology solutions to help meet customer’s needs. US Med-Equip is delivering on its promise of 24/7 personalized customer service to help you efficiently meet your patients’ needs.

mySMARTS Customer Portal

mySmarts is an online, password-protected application that is available to all US Med-Equip rental customers. Through the mySMARTS system customers can schedule deliveries and pickups of equipment, view information such as a list of current rental items and rental history, service reports for current rentals, PM due reports, online invoices and more.

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STAR TRAX Asset Management Solutions

It takes a perfect mix of people, process and technology to manage assets in a dynamic hospital environment. STAR Trax provides you just that by optimizing your processes and providing clean, patient-ready equipment in the right place at the right time. It is the only solution designed to help the customer lower costs and achieve higher efficiency and better management of capital and rental assets. Our consultants will help you optimize your processes and our technology will provide the tools your team needs for capturing actionable intelligence.

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