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It takes a right mix of people, processes and technology to manage assets in a dynamic hospital environment. USME’s STAR Trax® FIND provides the technology to help you do just that. STAR Trax® FIND is the only solution where you can use low-cost, passive RFID tags to achieve higher efficiency and better management of capital and medical equipment rental assets. Our team can help you optimize your processes through our technology, providing you the tools that you need to capture actionable intelligence.

STAR Trax® FIND Devices & Applications to track and manage hospital equipment

  • RFID Tags (passive) to tag all of your medical devices
  • Handheld tracker to locate hospital equipment
  • STAR Trax App and mobile phone
  • STAR Trax Web Portal

STAR Trax® FIND Features


  • Low cost RFID Asset Tracking
  • Create and save custom hospital equipment lists for future tracking
  • Create preventative maintenance equipment lists for tracking
  • Create Recall equipment lists for tracking

STAR Trax® FIND Benefits


  • Scan for equipment without entering the room or patient interruption
  • Quickly Find Assets
  • Manage PMs and Recalls
  • Increase Asset Utilization
  • Eliminates inefficiencies and costs by quickly locating lost/missing medical equipment

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