USME’s STAR Trax® solution provides a turnkey, customized and scalable asset management solution to help hospitals manage their movable medical equipment. It’s a comprehensive asset management solution utilizing low-cost passive RFID technology! USME's asset management solution is the perfect compliment to USME's robust medical equipment rental service


  • Low-cost RFID Asset Tracking
  • Quickly Find Assets, Manage PMs and Recalls
  • Improve Patient and Staff Satisfaction
  • Increase Asset Utilization
  • Easily Manage Crash Cart Inventory and expiration dates
  • Right-size workforce with actionable activity reports
  • Manage PAR Levels with live reports and auto-email notifications

It takes a perfect mix of people, process and technology to manage assets in a dynamic hospital environment. STAR Trax provides you just that by optimizing your processes and providing clean, patient-ready equipment in the right place at the right time.


STAR Trax® is the only solution where you can use low-cost, passive RFID tags to achieve higher efficiency and better management of capital and rental assets. Our consultants will help you optimize your processes and our technology will provide the tools your team needs to capture actionable intelligence.

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