US Med-Equip Expands Westward, Opens Hub in Albuquerque

Healthcare company’s New Mexico office helping more hospitals meet rising demand for patient-centered medical devices and services

(ALBUQUERQUE, NM) —Hospitals in the southwest have quicker access to critical medical devices as a leading healthcare company opens a new office in Albuquerque.

US Med-Equip, which partners with top hospitals nationwide, has expanded to Albuquerque to help keep up with rising demand from regional providers seeking the highest quality movable medical equipment rentals for patients in their care.

The Albuquerque hub —one of 30 US Med-Equip locations— is part of the Houston-based company’s $10 million investment in the western-U.S. region over the next 3 years.

“Our hub in Albuquerque and our expansion farther westward allows us to continue to grow and support the needs of more hospitals and health care providers who are saving and improving lives every day,” US Med-Equip Chief Development Officer Greg Salario said.

US Med-Equip has 35,000 movable medical devices—including respiratory, neonatal, infusion and other equipment—available for rent at a moment’s notice. The company also uses proprietary technology proven to help healthcare providers efficiently use, inventory and manage medical equipment, which helps hospitals reduce operating costs and apply savings to staffing and other critical needs.

“Hospital professionals want to ensure they provide the best care possible by planning ahead and stretching every dollar to benefit their patients,” US Med-Equip CEO Gurmit Singh Bhatia said. “The growing number of staffers at our new office in New Mexico are helping us support more health care partners than ever in their life-saving work.”