Airon Pneumatic Ventilation, CPAP Solutions

Airon’s fully pneumatic MRI conditional ventilators, CPAP solutions only available from USME


Airon pNeuton Ventilators

Airon pNeuton Model A Ventilator

pNeuton Model A Ventilator

The pNeuton model A ventilator with built-in CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is ideal for critical care adult or pediatric patient support in hospital environments.

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Airon pNeuton Model S Ventilator

pNeuton Model S Ventilator

The pNeuton model S ventilator provides mask CPAP plus volume or pressure ventilation for pediatric to adult patients for pre-hospital and hospital environments.

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Airon pNeuton Mini Ventilator

pNeuton mini Ventilator

The pNeuton mini matches the complexity of pressure-limited ventilation in standard infant ventilators without the need for electricity or batteries.

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Airon CPAP System

Airon MACS CPAP System

Airon MACS CPAP System

MACS CPAP system works with your patient providing low spontaneous work of breathing compared to disposable CPAP mask options, and delivers a better patient experience with critical care delivery.

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