USME offers System Shutdown Services for suction, monitoring, and infusion shutdowns for hospital systems. System Shutdown Services provide our partners with a turnkey service during critical shutdown events such as cleaning, upgrades, or recalls.



Feel more confident about patient safety during system shutdowns with USME’s pre-tested and patient-ready equipment inclusive with service performance sheets


USME’s turnkey shutdown services provide hospitals the expertise and equipment needed to ensure a smooth and succesful shutdown


Minimize clinical interruption with timely scheduling, delivery, and pick-up


Single vendor, one service provides it all, resulting in less stress for staff and patients


US Med-Equip has a robust inventory of 50,000 pieces of patient-ready, RFID tagged equipment available for rent, pre-packaged for your system shutdown needs

System Shutdown Services

  Suction - continuous and intermittent equipment
  Monitoring - including telemetry

Easy 3-Step Process:

1.On-Site Assessment

2. Delivery

3. RFID Scanning


Contact your USME representative to learn more about our System Shutdown Services and get a free on-site consultation and assessment for your next scheduled system shutdown.

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