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US Med-Equip partners with top hospitals across the nation to provide the highest quality movable medical equipment for patients in their care. We are proud to supply medical equipment rented, sold, maintained and managed using the latest technology to help healthcare providers focus on their patients’ healing.

US Med-Equip’s core business is medical equipment rentals, and we provide our hospital partners with value-added services that compliment our hospital equipment rental business such as refurbished equipment sales, biomedical repair, preventative maintenance services, system shutdown services and asset management services.

USME is ISO 9001:2015 certified for our medical equipment management processing system, is contracted with the top group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and offers advanced options for managing medical equipment rentals and sales, equipment maintenance and equipment tracking technology. US Med-Equip offers value-added services such as online equipment ordering, equity and flexible payment options, proprietary equipment management software and RFID tagged equipment.

USME’s commitment to providing innovative technology-infused solutions, operational excellence and an inspiring company culture with dedicated employees has resulted in unparalleled customer service and value to our customer partners across the nation. As a 9-time Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing company with more than 50 offices, a 2-hour plus drive time delivery commitment and robust equipment inventory, US Med-Equip is poised for continued growth to meet the demand for moveable medical equipment services. Our employees take great pride in helping our healthcare partners promote the healing process for the patients they serve.


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Dedication to patient care and to promoting the healing process is at the core of the US Med-Equip culture…


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