US Med-Equip Named Among World’s Top 3 Companies Supporting Healthcare

Health Tech World recognizes leading medical equipment rental and services company, USME, among top professional services firms supporting hospitals

(HOUSTON) April 10, 2024US Med-Equip (USME) was named among the world’s top three professional services firms supporting healthcare.

“Healthcare partners lean on USME’s expertise in harnessing technology to meet—and anticipate—hospital equipment needs,” Health Tech World announced. “Their deep understanding of medical equipment, regulations, and needs across diverse healthcare settings enables them to offer flexible, demand-driven operational scalability, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care rather than managing costly, underutilized equipment.”

Health Tech World’s Professional Services Firm of the Year Award recognizes “unsung health heroes who are vital in driving innovation and providing the lynchpin support needed to enable healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best — ensuring positive outcomes for patients.”

Clinician working with a USME representative

USME partners with top hospitals across the nation in the rental, sales, service and asset management of medical equipment — from respirators and infusion pumps to patient beds and therapeutic surfaces —that a hospital may need based on several factors: number of patients expected or admitted, special therapies required, staffing, preventative maintenance and repairs, equipment utilization and cost along with capital and operating budgets available.

“We communicate daily with our partners to help assess their equipment needs and provide round-the-clock support. Our team uses technology to closely track the availability of equipment across the nation, which helps us anticipate demand and ensure that we can respond to each hospital’s emerging needs and deliver available equipment in optimal condition for their patients within three hours,” USME CEO Greg Salario said. “Helping healthcare heroes is a responsibility we take great pride in, and we work every day to find new ways to support them.”

Celebrating the “vital work of companies” in fields such as accounting, logistics, project management, legal services and others supporting healthcare around the world, Health Tech World announced USME, Answer Digital and LectureLinx as the top 3 honorees for Professional Services Firm of the Year. The 2024 winner will be named at a virtual awards event on April 18.

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