Hospitals Preparing for Surge of Summer Births With Support From US Med-Equip

HOUSTON, TX / May 9, 2024 / As hospitals prepare for the summer months, a period traditionally marked by an increase in births, including newborns delivered pre-term, US Med-Equip is helping clinicians bolster supplies of medical equipment used for labor and delivery and neonatal care.

Hospitals typically get an annual surge of births from June through August. Bolstering equipment in labor and delivery (L&D) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) departments during these summer months is crucial for the survival and long-term health of a newborn.

Amid prolonged strain on clinical staff and budgets, hospitals nationwide are turning to trusted partner US Med-Equip for the rental, purchase, and maintenance of NICU and L&D equipment, including birthing beds, incubators, ventilators, and temperature management and monitoring systems.

“Our goal is ensuring clinicians have affordable access to the best equipment and services, so they can focus fully on providing care to mothers and newborns requiring their attention,” Greg Salario, CEO of US Med-Equip, said.

US Med-Equip’s caring professionals across the country deliver equipment hospitals need on-demand based on the number of patients expected or admitted at the time.

Infant using Gentherm Kool-Kit® Neonate
Credit: Gentherm Medical. Infant using Gentherm Kool-Kit® Neonate.
Birthing Rise Chart 2022

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