equipment sales

Equipment Rentals & Sales

USME offers a comprehensive range of medical equipment for both rental and sale. Operating round the clock, 365 days a year, we offer a diverse selection of new and refurbished medical equipment for sale, encompassing hospital beds, monitors, infusion and respiratory equipment, critical care tools, NICU essentials, and more.

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biomedical repair depot Services

Biomedical Support

We offer biomedical repairs and preventative maintenance support performed by manufacturer certified, highly trained technicians. Benefits include both a USME and manufacturer warranty, ISO 9001:2105 certified processes, free estimates, and management of biomedical service repair through our GoUSME customer portal including estimates, real-time monitoring of equipment status and more.

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Our Technology

USME has streamlined processes for our hospital and healthcare partners through the latest technology. With our GoUSME portal, preventative maintenance (PM) management software, and asset tracking technology, we ensure equipment is patient-ready and convenient to order when you need it.

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Asset Management

USME's ASAP Asset Management program is trusted by hospitals across the country to help ensure their equipment is in patient-ready condition where they need it, when they need it. Our dedicated team strictly adheres to industry standards, utilizing advanced technology and expert oversight to seamlessly maintain, track, and manage your equipment inventory.

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systen shutdown services

System Shutdown Services

USME stands as a dependable partner in addressing critical shutdown events within hospitals and healthcare facilities across the nation. Our expertise extends to providing essential support for suction and monitoring systems. We ensure that our system shutdown services are carefully executed, always aligning with our core values of being right, ready and on-time.

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telemetry systems


USME offers telemetry systems for sale or rent for new hospitals, hospital additions or department expansions. Benefits include installation of equipment, upgrades and/or expansions to existing telemetry systems, on-site physical survey with checklist available, installation and support of monitors with newer software, provide backup CPU, and more.

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Please note: We do not rent or sell medical equipment for personal use.