Asset Management Services

USME Asset Management Services

Clinicians work with urgency to help patients heal and need equipment within reach at a moment’s notice. US Med-Equip’s asset management services are designed to help dedicated clinical professionals increase time with patients, improve equipment use efficiencies and reduce costs. 

US Med-Equip (USME) has a track record of successfully partnering with top hospitals, embedding experienced and highly trained equipment management specialists on-site to provide comprehensive movable medical equipment support. Our team of asset management specialists closely monitor and manage equipment inventory, leveraging industry-leading, proprietary technology to RFID-track each device owned and on rent—without disturbing patients—and quickly finding, disinfecting and distributing equipment so it’s readily available for patients in need.   

USME invests in every resource necessary to meet the demands of the hospital’s asset management system and can tap our robust network of services and additional support from hundreds of equipment and inventory management experts. Our asset management hospital partners get priority, direct access to our MME fleet at preferred rates as needed during preventative maintenance switch-outs, recalls and census surges.   

With a rapidly growing fleet of more than 90,000 movable medical devices, USME serves thousands of hospitals from nearly 100 locations across the nation and works around the clock to ensure clinical staff have the highest quality equipment and biomedical expertise when they need it to provide patients the best care possible.  

Contact your USME representative for more information regarding USME’s asset management services.