We work hard, but we also work SMART! USME's Smart Solutions for hospitals provides critical information they need to make smart decisions regarding their medical equipment rental and purchase needs resulting in cost savings, increased efficiencies, and improved utilization. Most of these value-added services are included complimentary in USME's equipment rental service, such as mySMARTS customer portal & app, RFID tracking, and PM management reports.

mySMARTS Portal/app

USME’s mySMARTS customer portal is an online, password-protected application available to all US Med-Equip rental customers for the comprehensive online management of their rental equipment. Our in-house Software Development Team works continuously to ensure that the design and development of mySMARTS software meets the specific needs of our customers. With customizable permissions and user dashboards, mySMARTS gives each role in the hospital exactly what they need.

Star Trax® Asset Management

USME’s STAR Trax® solution provides a turnkey, customized and scalable asset management solution to help you manage movable medical equipment. It’s a comprehensive asset management solution that uses low-cost passive RFID technology!

RFID Find Feature

As part of US Med-Equip’s commitment to smart solutions to help our partners manage their moveable medical equipment needs, we have invested in passive RFID technology. US Med-Equip is changing the way hospitals manage their equipment by tagging our entire rental fleet with Passive RFID tags. Hospitals now have a tool to quickly and efficiently locate equipment.

PM Management Alerts

We are committed to helping our equipment rental customers more effectively manage the preventative maintenance (PM) process through our people, processes, and technology. Our investment in technology enables us to reduce the risk and liabilities associated with out of compliance medical equipment. Our dedicated personnel actively resolve PM needs in your facility. And our processes ensure that you remain compliant.