The USME Difference

Our mission is to promote the healing process by providing smart solutions for our customers and the patients they serve.

Life-Saving Medical Equipment

USME partners with top hospitals across the nation to provide the highest quality moveable medical equipment for patients in their care. Choose from more than 90,000 products for rent, tagged with passive RFID technology. Inquire about our medical equipment for rent and sale, US Med-Equip’s biomedical service repair, maintenance, system shutdown services and asset management support.



Choose from the latest respiratory equipment from various manufacturers including ventilators, heater humidifiers, BiPAP and CPAP equipment, breathing airway clearance vests and respiratory.



Choose from the latest monitoring and telemetry equipment from various manufacturers, including CO2 monitors, multi-purpose monitors, pulse oximeters and vital signs monitors.


Central Supply

Choose from the latest compression devices,
hypo-hyperthermia equipment, scales and suction units.



Choose from the latest NICU equipment from various manufacturers including cribs/bassinets, incubators, phototherapy and warmers.



Choose from the latest infusion equipment from various manufacturers including infusion pumps, ambulatory pumps, PCA pumps and syringe pumps.



Choose from the latest variety of defibrillators from various manufacturers for rent or purchase.

We are USME

USME’s standards of excellence reinforce our mission, vision and values. Our employees are driven by a shared commitment to provide exceptional customer service to our hospital partners to promote the healing process for their patients. We treat every order as if it’s our family member or friend in need of fast, high quality, patient-ready equipment.