24×7: GoUSME Connect Earns US Med-Equip a CIO 100 Award

US Med-Equip (USME) was given Foundry’s CIO 100 Award celebrating information technology innovations for its GoUSME Connect AI system that provides clinicians on-demand access to medical equipment.

GoUSME Connect is designed to increase the time clinicians have to care for critical patients by allowing them to place an urgent order for medical equipment, such as a life-saving ventilator or bariatric bed, within the electronic medical record (EMR) portal they already use to help manage their patients’ care.

Operating at all hours, GoUSME Connect has an average delivery time of three hours, according to the company, and hospitals using the system receive equipment even faster.

As clinicians record patients’ therapy needs in their EMR as usual, GoUSME Connect automatically matches those needs with equipment to save hospitals from paying equipment costs that may accrue after a patient no longer needs it, eliminating the need for clinicians to place equipment transfer or pickup orders while caring for patients.

“Getting medical equipment when they need it, where they need it to help care for patients should be hassle-free for clinicians,” said Antonio Marin, US Med-Equip chief information officer. “GoUSME Connect was designed to help these healthcare heroes focus on helping their patients heal rather than on processes that take up time and money.”

Nurse using GoUSME Connect to seamlessly order medical equipment

USME partners with top hospitals across the nation in the rental, sales, service and asset management of medical equipment ranging from respirators and infusion pumps to patient beds and therapeutic surfaces that a hospital may need based on the number of patients expected or admitted at the time.

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