Equipment Buyouts

USME Equipment Buyouts

USME is always seeking movable medical equipment (MME) to purchase directly from our hospital partners and home care customers. This keeps our costs down and helps our customers tremendously by offering an outlet for their surplus equipment. Our offers to purchase are often 50%-100% higher than typical “trade-In” offers by the manufacturer.

Medical Equipment Wanted

  • Monitors/Monitoring Systems
  • Ventilation Devices
  • Sequential Compression Devices
  • Continuous Passive Motion Machines
  • Hypo/hyperthermia Units
  • Suction Devices
  • Warmers
  • Incubators
  • Phototherapy
  • Bassinets and cribs

Direct Purchases

US Med-Equip has a vast amount of experience in purchasing hospital equipment. Our experience means you have less of your time spent on follow-up questions related to the medical equipment. We offer turnkey solutions for the packaging and shipping of that equipment and the financial strength to pay quickly upon confirmation of condition of sale. This assures that you get the right information, right away, to get the deal done!


Often facilities will incorporate their medical equipment to be replaced directly as trade-ins to the manufacturer.  Manufacturers are often limited in real dollars when it comes to offering value on the hospital’s trade-in equipment. The value that USME can offer is sometimes double the rate being offered by the manufacturer. We offer turnkey solutions for the packaging and shipping of purchased equipment. We will purchase the equipment separately from the manufacturer to assure you have the best opportunity for maximizing the value of your surplus equipment.

Credit Allowances

This is a great option for our current customers or future customers wishing to sell equipment to US Med-Equip and receive a credit on their account for the inventory sold. The advantage for the specific department is that the revenue will stay in your department for your budget. The credit for hospital equipment purchased by US Med-Equip can be applied to current balances or future billings. Sometimes this is a great way of paying for new medical equipment you need but can’t fund through the budget. Either way, it is a great option to maximize the value of your unused assets. 

Consignments Sales

This is available for facilities with space constraints or those seeking solutions to the maintenance and tracking of old equipment. US Med-Equip can provide the storage for the equipment while we seek the buyer for your equipment. Once the equipment is sold, we will issue the dollars to the facility with a small consignment fee. This saves the hassle to the facility of selling that equipment, dealing with multiple vendors, answering multiple questions, specking out the equipment for sale and weeding out unlicensed or unsavory buyers. Let us take the burden off of you so you can focus on your job.