PM Management Alerts

PM Management Alerts

We are committed to helping our equipment rental customers more effectively manage the preventative maintenance (PM) process through our people, processes, and technology. Our investment in technology enables us to reduce the risk and liabilities associated with out of compliance medical equipment. Our dedicated personnel actively resolve PM needs in your facility. And our processes ensure that you remain compliant.


  • Branch leadership are financially incentivized on their team’s effectiveness of replacing or retrieving rental equipment past due for PM in the facility.
  • Trained and dedicated US Med-Equip representatives actively monitor equipment PM status and will work with hospital staff to cycle equipment in need of PM or scan the facility with an RFID reader for potentially lost equipment.


  • USME’s equipment management processing system is ISO 9001:2015 certified which reduces risk for hospitals.
  • Our factory-trained Biomed Technicians are committed to keeping your rental equipment in compliance with preventative maintenance schedules and any needed repairs.


Auto-Email PM Notifications
  • Receive preemptive auto-email PM notifications for all equipment on rent.
GoUSME Online Portal
  • Easily access live reports of your equipment on rent. The system automatically highlights equipment with past due or upcoming service dates. Learn more.
Passive RFID-Tagged Equipment*
    • Our rental units are RFID-tagged, allowing us to help customers quickly find past-due, recalled or potentially lost equipment.
    • Our RFID readers* can locate equipment from 25ft away through walls and closed doors without disturbing patients. Learn more.
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USME | Medical Equipment Rentals, Sales & Management Solutions