Covidien Kendall SCD Express Compression System 9525

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Covidien Kendall SCD Express Compression System 9525 is a compression device available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

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Gaymar TP700 T/Pump Warming And Cooling Therapy System offers the user the option of two types of compression – foot compression and/or leg compression. This lightweight, digitally-controlled SCD is intended to reduce swelling and leg numbness from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and Peripheral Edema in recovering patients. The SCD EXPRESS™ Compression System provides unique treatment features for every patient, including one or two limb operation, foot only compression, leg only compression, combined foot and leg compression, and innovative vascular refill detection* This gives the end user more flexibility for treatment options along with the technology to help fluids circulate at the optimum moments.
With the Kendall SCD Express Compression System, fully transportable vascular therapy is ready to go. Move patients from room to room, floor to floor, wherever you need to take them – no plugs, no hassles, and no interruption to their protection. That’s DVT Prevention. On Time. Anywhere.
For use on patients with high risk conditions such as obesity, advanced age, malignancy, or prior thromboembolism.
All of our refurbished equipment is patient-ready with a one year warranty, and is an excellent value to buy or to rent.
*Vascular refill detection: The SCD Express system is designed to monitor the rate at which the veins in the feet and legs refill with blood. This allows the machine to adjust compressions rates in order to optimize the amount of blood flow
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