Danninger Danniflex 460 Knee CPM Machine

CPM Machine

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Condition: Refurbished

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Danninger Danniflex 460 Knee CPM Machine is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip. Physical Therapists commonly manipulate limbs and joints to restore and maintain range of motion and muscle strength. The CPM machine moves the joint passively through its range of motion much like a physical therapist or a nurse would. The passive motion accelerates patient recovery and reduces atrophy because good circulation is maintained. CPM’s are used on legs, ankles, hips, arms, shoulders and hands.

Product Features

  • Extended range of motion from – 10° extension to 125° flexion
  • Anatomical alignment and tracking of the limb through all degrees of motion
  • Muscle stimulation at any angle
  • Controlled bilateral cyclical motion
  • User friendly treatment settings
  • Hand-held control pendant with LCD read out display and user friendly key pad
  • Tolerates electrical supply variations found in the home or hospital environments
  • Automatically reverses if an obstruction occurs
  • Start/stop button allows patient to stop or interrupt therapy
  • 1.5-10 minute speed range
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