KwiKool KBX1000 Bioair Max


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Condition: Refurbished


The KwiKool KBX1000 Bioair Max portable HEPA air filtration and purification unit is available for rent and sale by US Med-Equip. BioAir Max is KwiKool’s complete solution to air cleanliness, a HEPA filtration unit with advanced bi-polar ionization technology and internal UVC lights. With all of the features of the Bioair Plus, the Bioair Max includes Kwikool’s ANP (Advanced Needle Point) bi-polar ionization. The ionization creates both negative and positive ions in the output airstream. These “charged” particles attract other airborne particles normally too small and too light to be addressed. But with the attached ions, these particles are now large enough for the combined atoms to be caught in the HEPA filter or drop to a surface where they can be killed using sanitizers or other methods. Bioair Max’s ANP ionization reduces pathogens by up to 90% within 60 minutes.

Ultraviolet light, also known as germicidal irradiation or UVGI. Dual UVC lights are housed inside the unit. The chambers are lined with reflective insulation creating more light angles which attack molds, bacteria, and pathogens.

KwiKool ANP Ionization, negative ions are a powerful, clean air solution.

HEPA Filtration, common standards require that HEPA air filter must remove 99.9% of particles greater than or equal to 0.3 diameter.


  • Internal UVC lights to help kill airborne pathogens
  • HEPA Filtration with pre-filter—99.9% efficiency for particulates .3 microns or more in diameter 
  • 3-Speed Fan Motor
  • 1000 CFM (CPH is up to 60/hour in 1000 cf space) 
  • All Stainless steel cabinet
  • Small footprint: 
  • UVC timer alarm
  • HEPA filter alarm
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Optional Carbon filter


Weight 40.8233133 kg

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