Maquet Servo-U Ventilator


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Maquet Servo-U Ventilator is a patient-ready ventilator for rent or sale from US Med-Equip.

The Servo-U gives you many effective options for protective and personalized ventilation. All of them more accessible, understandable and easy to implement, empowering you to utilize advanced protective strategies in your routine patient care.

Context-based guidance

Servo-U provides informative text guidance for everything from pre-use check to initial parameter setting and throughout the entire treatment.

Safety Scale parameters

The system’s Safety Scale tool makes parameter changes quick and intuitive, while dynamic images illustrate how those changes affect ventilation.

Some New Features of the Servo-U:

  • Frame illuminates in case of alarm
  • Easy to capture screen shots and record actual events
  • additional values
  • color coding
  • additional settings
  • direct access to important settings
  • 360 degrees horizontal rotation


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Please note: We do not rent or sell medical equipment for personal use.