Paramount Sittan™


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An Alternative for Early and Ongoing Bedside Rehabilitation

The sitting “without back support” position, defined when a patient is sitting upright with their feet on the floor and without a supportive surface holding their head up or pressing against their spine, has been found to provide positive benefits when implemented in patient care. As a result, nurses have adopted early, upright patient activity to promote early ambulation, improve level of consciousness and prevent disuse syndrome.

The Sittan™ table is designed to support patients in the upright position who are unable to maintain an unassisted sitting position. It is used at the side of the bed to assist the patient to sit upright while sitting on the edge of the bed. The Sittan™ table’s back cushion is specially designed to support the lower scapulae and ribcage, while the back cushion has support belts if supplemental posture support is needed.


  • Height and depth adjustable for various patient sizes
  • Elbow pads for optional use between the patient’s elbows and the table top
  • Designed to support lower scapulae and ribcage
  • 26″ total width

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