Sonosite SII


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Condition: Refurbished


The Sonosite SII ultrasound machine empowers your efficiency through an intuitive user interface that adapts to your procedural imaging needs. The system can be used across multiple hospital environments, including a zero footprint option for space-constrained rooms.


  • Touchscreen adapts to you with a clinician-driven menu
  • Physical knobs for easy gain and depth control
  • Flexible control of caliper, zoom, and color box through virtual trackpad or touchscreen
  • Continuous Wave and Pulsed Wave Doppler for sharper imaging
  • Embedded dual transducer connector: Change exam types or transducers with two touches to the touchscreen
  • Small footprint keeps crowded areas clearer. Can be operated with sterile drape.
  • Stow supplies with ample storage and lockable drawer with tray

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