RFID Technology-Enabled Asset Tracking

RFID Technology for Asset Tracking

US Med-Equip is changing the way hospitals manage their equipment by tagging medical equipment with passive RFID tags to track equipment without disturbing patients. 

How does it work?

  • RFID readers can locate tagged equipment up to 25 feet away.
  • The RFID reader emits radio waves that read the RFID tag and relay equipment information to the hand-held scanner.
  • Patients experience minimal disruptions as the waves bounce under closed doors, around corners and through walls.
  • The RFID scanner and tags do not interfere with other medical equipment and systems.
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How does it benefit my hospital?

  • Quickly locate equipment that may be potentially missing, recalled or in need of preventative maintenance.
  • Increase utilization of hospital equipment leading to reduced rental needs.
  • Locate equipment which may be hidden from sight, such as in a drawer, closet, under a bed, locker, etc.
  • Fast identification of “wanted” equipment
  • Helps with PM compliance

Need a complete asset management solution for capital and rental equipment? Contact your USME representative to learn how we can help.