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Aerogen Aeroneb Solo Nebulizer – The Aeroneb Solo is a compact, single patient use nebulizer for aerosol therapy, which can be used for continuous and/or intermittent nebulization. The Aeroneb Solo micropump nebulizer helps patients to breathe more easily, ensuring targeted drug delivery to the smallest airways in the lungs. The Aeroneb Solo nebulizer produces a fine particle, low velocity aerosol optimized for targeted drug delivery.  Its effective dose delivery of physician prescribed inhalation solutions, means that it can be safely used with all patient groups. The silent operation of the Aeroneb Solo allows it to be used in pediatric ICUs where noise levels are critical.

Product Features

  • Single patient use
  • Silent operation
  • Simple and intuitive to set up
  • Continuous Tube Set accessory available
  • Efficient; respirable dose of 15.5%
  • MMAD of 3.4µm
  • Low Residual Volume (<0.1mL for 3mL dose)
  • Does not heat or degrade medications.
  • Continuous or intermittent usage.
  • Can be used in both on-vent and off-vent applications.
  • Delivers all medications approved for use with standard nebulizers.
  • Treats all patient groups populations.

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