GE Giraffe Spot PT Lite Phototherapy


For Rent or Purchase - Available only in U.S.

Condition: Refurbished

The GE Healthcare Giraffe Spot PT Lite is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

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The GE Healthcare Giraffe Spot PT Lite is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

The Giraffe® SPOT PT Lite™ Phototherapy System provides a cooler light for the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia than traditional halogen spot lamps. The Giraffe® SPOT PT Lite™ consists of a lightweight light source unit and an adjustable goose-neck that conveniently delivers therapeutic light directly to the infant. A metal halide bulb in the light box provides the light, which is transmitted through a light pipe in the flexible gooseneck. Since the light bulb is not near the patient, the result is a cooler thera- peutic light than most other spot halogen phototherapy systems. UV and infrared radiation are filtered from the light, reducing the risk of skin and eye damage, as well as the hazards of hyperthermia and dehydration.

Product Features

  • High Intensity Phototherapy – Appoximately 30-40 microwatts (at a distance from the baby of 15 in (38 cm) with a spot diameter of 8 in (20 cm).
  • Cool Spot Light – Less heat transfer to the infant than standard spot lights because the light bulb is located in the light box, away from the patient.
  • Gooseneck and Light Pipe – Flexible gooseneck allows user to position the light pipe easily. The light pipe delivers the light directly from the light box to the patient.
  • Light Filters – Filter infrared and UV light that may be hazardous to the patient’s eyes or thermal stability.

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