GE Logiq E9


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Condition: Refurbished


The GE Logiq™ E9, for rent and sale from US Med-Equip, is a premium shared service ultrasound machine capable of top-of-the-line women’s health and 4D imaging along with clear imaging for radiology, cardiac, and vascular applications. GE’s breakthrough technology with the Logiq E9 is XDclear, an imaging technology that uses advanced transducers with a single crystal, acoustic amplification, and cooling technology to improve image quality, especially at deeper penetration when image quality typically fades.

This platform combines the resolution and penetration of XDclear technology with innovations to the system’s acoustic architecture, processing engine, and display technologies. The result is a turbo-charged imaging chain that enables you to:

  • Clearly differentiate fine details
  • Focus with high fidelity
  • See more image information at a glance

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