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Condition: Refurbished

The GE Giraffe Incubator is a NICU incubator available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

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The GE Giraffe Incubator is a NICU incubator available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

Combining innovative technology with exceptional thermal performance, the Giraffe Incubator is a state-of-the-art neonatal environment that promotes natural, peaceful healing, while fostering a close bond between families and their babies-allowing them to be present for every step of the journey. Additionally, physicians have improved access to their smallest patients, giving them a better chance at providing successful treatment, the very first time around

The Giraffe Incubator is one of the most advanced, developmentally-supportive microenvironments designed to promote the growth and stability of fragile newborns in the NICU. Exceptional thermal performance. Innovative design. And the ability to control heat, humidity, oxygen, light, and noise. You’ll find it all in one powerful system that also provides comfortable, easy access to caregivers and parents. Cascade Control supports thermal needs while reducing environmental stress Bi-Directional Airflow through double walls provides a stable thermal environment Boost Air Curtain protects the infant from heat loss when either door is opened Servo-Humidifier designed with universal precautions and principles of sterility in mind to protect against infection WhisperQuiet Mode reduces noise to create a quiet, soothing environment for baby and family Large Hood surface promotes x-ray clarity and visibility without distortion.

Promoting Neurodevelopmental Care and Growth

The Giraffe Incubator was thoughtfully designed to nurture the close connection between babies and their caregivers, allowing parents comfortable, close access to their babies and family-friendly information about their babies’ progress, while clinicians can closely care for their newborn patients. Additional benefits include:

Enhancing the Care Continuum

Offers clinicians the intuitive and reliable neonatal solution they need, while parents receive the access and support they want, to promote optimal neurodevelopmental care.

Comprehensive Design in a Controlled Environment

When paired with the Giraffe Shuttle, the Giraffe Incubator provides continuous warmth during intrahospital transport, in addition to promoting the growth and stability of even the most fragile of patients.

Easy Access to Success

With integrated features, including the translating and rotating mattress, an elevating base and the removable in-bed scale, the Giraffe Incubator  empowers clinicians to send babies home safe, healthy and as quickly as possible by providing enhanced visibility and patient interaction.

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