GE Giraffe OmniBed Carestation


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The GE Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.


The GE Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

From delivery to discharge, the Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is designed to address the changing and complex demands of the NICU by utilizing advanced technology to provide supportive, family-centered care solutions, consistently-controlled thermal environments, warmth during transport (when paired with the Giraffe Shuttle*), improved patient access and visibility, and reliable clinical performance.


  • Maximum height: Canopy down: 70 in (178 cm) Canopy up: 94 in (239 cm)
  • Minimum height: Canopy down: 60 in (152 cm) Canopy up: 82.3 in (209 cm)
  • Footprint: 45 in x 26 in (114 cm x 66 cm)
  • Weight: 328.5 lb. (149kg)
  • Floor to mattress height: 33 in to 43 in (84 cm to 109 cm)
  • Mattress size: 25.5 in x 19.2 in (64.8 cm x 48.8 cm)
  • Accessdoorsize: 9 in x 31 in (23 cm x 78 cm)
  • Drawersize: 19 in x 20 in (48 cm x 50 cm)
  • Drawer depth: 8 in (20 cm)

Physical Characteristics

  • Full Color Touch Display: 10.4 in (26.4cm) LCD
  • Mattress tilt angle: 12, &continuously variable
  • Micro filter: 0.5µ -99.8% efficiency (3M FiltreteTM)
  • Data collection: RS-232
  • Tubing access ports: 8

User Control Settings

  • Baby (servo) temperature control: 35-37.5°C in 0.1° increments (Regulates baby temperature in both open and closed bed modes)
  • Manual radiant power control: 0-100% in 5% increments
  • Air temperature control: 20-39°C in 0.1° increments
  • Servo humidity control range: 30-95% relative humidity in 5% increments

In-Bed Scale Performance

  • Accuracy: ±0.35oz (10g)
  • Range: 0.66lbs. to 17.6lb. (300g to 8kg)


  • 10g (Factory setting) or 5 g (user selectable on non-EU scales)
  • The resolution of scales distributed in the EU region may vary depending on the scale revision:
    • Scales with revision 2.72 only have a resolution option of 10 g.
    • Scales with revision 2.86 have a resolution of 5 g for weights up to 5 kg and a resolution 10 g for weights from 5 kg to 8 kg.
    • The resolution on EU scales with software 2.86 and above is not user selectable.

Servo Oxygen Control Performance

  • Control range: 21% to 65%
  • Display range: 16 to 70%
  • Rise Time: < 10 minutes from 5% below set point in Whisper Quiet Mode after open door
  • Recovery from opening porthole: ≤ 5 minutes from closing porthole to 5% below set point
  • Alarms: ±3% from set point
  • Accuracy 5%

Inlet Pressure Maximum 620 kPa (90 psi)

Humidifier Performance

  • Recovery time: < 15 minutes (typical) Recovery to 75% RH with 39°C air set temperature
  • Operating time between refills: > 12 hours @ 65% RH control setting in a 25°C/50% RH ambient
  • Reservoir capacity: 1000 ml
  • Servo Control Accuracy: ±10% for settings up to 85%: minimum 75% for settings > 85%
  • Ramp-up time: ≤ 50 minutes – Time to reach 75% RH with a 39°C control temp from cold start in 25° C, 50% RH room.

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 20° to 30°C
  • Humidity: 5 to 85% RH (non-condensing)
  • Air Velocity: Up to 0.3m/sec
  • Water Ingress: IPXO

Storage/Shipping Information

  • Temperature: -25° to 60°C
  • Humidity: ≤ 85% RH (non-condensing)
  • Pressure: 50-106k Pa

Service and Maintenance

  • Battery: 8.4V NiMH
  • Recommended Calibration/Preventative Maintenance Period: Annually
  • Limited Warranty: One year parts and service
    *International specification, not available in the USA

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Limited Warranty

All refurbished equipment sold by U.S. Med-Equip, Inc. (“USME”) is patient-ready and is warranted to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year unless otherwise specified. Parts, accessories and internal batteries are covered by a 90-day limited warranty unless otherwise specified. Any stated warranties are in effect from the date of sale. US MED-EQUIP reserves the right to repair, replace or refund (less cost of shipping) any item(s) requiring warranty service. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs and required to contact US MED-EQUIP prior to shipping the item(s) back.

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