LINET Sprint 200 Stretcher


For Rent


The LINET Sprint 200, available for rent from US Med-Equip, is a hydraulic emergency and transport stretcher.


  • Multizone Bed Exit monitoring system
  • Ergoframe® reduces pressure in pelvic area and sliding down forces
  • 0.5 kg precision scale
  • Mobi-lift® handle provides support during bed exit
  • Zerogap siderails with SoftDrop function made from durable plastic
  • 705 lbs. weight capacity

Ergonomic Drive

  • 11 km driving distance without the need to charge
  • FlexiDrive® fifth wheel requires 77% less than recommended initial push force without motorized castor
  • IV&Drive® combines push handles and IV poles into one
  • Safety Sense stops the stretcher when the hand is removed
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