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Condition: Refurbished

The Masimo Rad-97 Plus, available for rent or sale from US Med-Equip, is the newest Pulse CO-Oximeter from the industry leader, Masimo. This unit is at the leading edge of continuous monitoring and is upgradeable to include non-invasive blood pressure and end-tidal capnography.

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The Masimo Rad97 Plus, available for rent or sale from US Med-Equip, is the newest Pulse CO-Oximeter from the industry leader, Masimo. This unit is at the leading edge of continuous monitoring and is upgradeable to include non-invasive blood pressure and end-tidal capnography.

Rad-97 combines its portable, compact form factor with a high-resolution, multi-touch color display that allows clinicians to easily customize the device for each monitoring use case — bringing rainbow SET™ measurements to care areas where a small footprint or high portability is desired. Users can also rapidly configure the device to accommodate different patient populations using customizable profiles. A rechargeable battery lasting approximately four hours allows Rad-97 to be used in situations where extended operation without access to AC power is needed.

Rad-97 features built-in enterprise WiFi capability, allowing it to connect wirelessly to supplemental patient monitoring systems including Masimo Patient SafetyNet™*, facilitating automatic data transfer to hospital electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface helps to simplify charting workflows for vital sign monitoring and patient data capture. Rad-97 is also compatible with existing nurse call systems. Data from extended monitoring sessions, such as sleep studies, can be rapidly downloaded via USB, Ethernet, or WiFi.

Rad-97 also supports point-to-point Bluetooth® wireless connections with compatible devices, such as thermometers, glucometers, and weight scales, allowing patient data to be seamlessly transferred to Rad-97 and connected upstream systems. Rad-97 will also be available with an optional camera that will provide a high-resolution video feed, as well as audio, to the Patient SafetyNet view-station. The camera-equipped Rad-97 will allow patients and clinicians to communicate remotely with compatible Patient SafetyNet software, making it well-suited as a point-of-care device for telehealth.

  • The customizable display allows for the user to quickly gather all of the important information in a single glance. The screen can be customized to show real-time measurements that are pertinent to the caregiver.
  • The machine is configurable for all different facets of people, it has built-in pediatric and neonatal modes.
  • Several connectivity options for the Rad-97 which include LAN, Patient SafetyNet, or Iris Gateway.
  • The upgrade to Rainbow technology enables places of care to be more efficient, they eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Integrated NiBP port allows direct connectivity to the unit, making the measurement of NiBP much easier, and more convenient to have around especially with a roll cart.
  • This unit has extremely customizable scheduling options which allows for measurements to be taken at the physicians discretion.

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