Mindray TE X Ultrasound System


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The technology-rich TE X Ultrasound System gives clinicians access to market-leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Smart Tools, an ergonomically designed system, and proprietary software-based beamformer Zone Sonography Technology (ZST).


  • Real-time auto tracing of the LV yielding volume data and Simpson’s EF with one-click
  • AI-enhanced cardiac plane recognition, guidance, and interactive feedback for attaining standard echo views
  • Automated VTI, IVC, and B-line analysis to aid in the assessment of volume status and to guide fluid management
  • Automated recognition and enhancement of nerve bundles to help guide procedures and improve patient outcomes
  • Automated fetal heart rate calculation in real-time utilizing B-mode echo data yielding quick results with no manual measuring
  • eSpacial Navi software provides 4D magnetic needle navigation that delivers enhanced needle visualization and location information during in-plane and out-of-plane procedures
  • Second-generation iNeedle+ technology automatically detects needle angles and improves visibility on both linear and convex transducers during interventional procedures
  • 23.8” HD rotatable, full touchscreen display supports both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Wireless voice control (iVocal Plus) for hands-free operation
  • Four active transducer connectors enable users to seamlessly switch between different exam types
  • Wireless charging station
  • Flexible storage design: wireless transducer charger, lockable storage basket, or disinfection wipe holder
  • Retractable cord to reduce tripping hazards and contamination

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