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Philips IntelliVue MP70 Beside Monitor, M8007A is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

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Philips IntelliVue MP70 Beside Monitor, M8007A is available for rent and sale from US Med-Equip.

Philips IntelliVue MP70 Beside Monitor, M8007A is a monitor that has a 15“ color SVGA screen, integrated recorder, compact networked patient monitor for flexible care and patient transfer. Through Philips inventive MultiMeasurement Server and Microstream CO2 Extension the MP20 delivers best-in-class clinical measurements including conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, respiration, SpO2 temperature and Microstream CO2.

Patient monitoring and clinical analysis – connected

  • We’ve redesigned the user interface to improve visibility of patient data, make it easier to use, and to enhance compatibility with standard software.
  • Dynamic Wave area features waves that automatically adjust in size depending on the number of waves configured.
  • Capture and review diagnostic 12-lead ECGs at the monitor before sending them to the IntelliVue Information Center (PIIC). Print cardiograph-type, diagnostic 12-lead ECG reports from the bedside. With the IntelliVue Information Center iX (PIIC iX) review 12-lead interpretation and previous 12-lead ECGs directly at the bedside and trigger 12-lead export to an ECG archive.1
  • Each NBP measurement now generates a column in the vital signs trend table. Measurements for other values are added to provide a comprehensive vital signs data set for the NBP measurement time, offering a more complete picture.
  • The Smart Alarm Delay algorithm helps reduce the number of pulse oximetry nuisance alarms, allowing you to focus your attention where needed.23

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US Med-Equip offers the refurbished, used Philips IntelliVue MP70 – M8007A Bedside Monitor for sale or for rent.

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