Philips Respironics NM3

EtCO2 Monitors

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Condition: Refurbished


The Philips Respironics NM3, available for rent or purchase from US Med-Equip, monitors physiologic gas exchange, deadspace, and alveolar tidal volume, and a host of accessory parameters. This valuable insight helps you answer the toughest clinical questions, throughout the continuum of care. The Respironics NM3 non-invasively monitors volumetric (VCO2) and end-tidal (EtCO2) capnography. Clinicians can use this information to minimize the duration of mechanical ventilation and optimize the potential for successful extubation when managing critically ill patients. This system has a direct interface with the V200 ventilator to expand data collection and display. This system provides mainstream or sidestream CO2 monitoring for intubated and non-intubated patients. VentAssist supports lung protective strategies for adult patients by providing an intuitive representation of patient status and advice on ventilation settings. Clinicians receive guidance based on six key parameters. They have the peace of mind that their patients are appropriately supported and a sense of control that an open loop system will not change settings.

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