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The Cadd Prizm Deltec 6101 VIP – The 6101 VIP ambulatory infusion pump has a capacity for multiple therapies.

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The Cadd Prizm Deltec 6101 VIP  – The 6101 VIP ambulatory infusion pump has a a capacity for multiple therapies. The pump has an integral data port which can be used as an interface cable for a printer, as a remote dose cord input, or as a modem cable for communications. This newer version Model 6101 includes both an upstream and downstream  occlusion detector (detects occlusions between the medication bag and the pump, instead of only the distal occlusion detection in version 6100) and allows the programming of the pump over phone lines using an SVD modem.

Product Features

  • 3 Lock Levels are available, with an AutoLock feature which which can automatically change the Lock Level when the pump is started.
  • Biomed Toolbox allows the clinician to customize programming features, including a message which reminds the user that preventive maintenance is due on the pump.
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