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Curlin Medical 4000 Plus Ambulatory Infusion System – When it comes to IV medication delivery, you need a sophisticated and safe ambulatory infusion pump. The 4000 Plus Ambulatory Infusion Pump is designed with those needs in mind. Ease of use, safety, versatility and a high resolution of flow make the 4000 Plus ideal for multiple infusion profiles.

Product Features

  • Sophisticated
    • Continuous resolution of flow at 2 microliters per pulse helps provide a smooth delivery profile.
    • Up to 6000 recorded event history file allows for precise data management.
    • Quick Repeat feature provides for auto review of program which helps facilitate quick setup times.
    • Recorded forward pressure data helps predict catheter replacement time.
  • Safe
    • Non-DEHP administration sets with integrated free-flow protection helps prevent inadvertent free-flow.
    • Selectable lock levels help ensure the integrity of the system.
    • PCA titration control helps reduce the risk of over-infusion.
    • Upstream pressure sensor helps protect from over-infusion due to excess bag pressure.
  • Versatile
    • 5 mode delivery capability allows you to standardize on one pump.
    • The ability to use syringes* and bags provides for flexibility in source containers.
    • Suitable for hospital and alternate site settings.
    • May be programmed for multiple therapies including continuous, TPN, intermittent, variable and PCA.
  • Cost-effective
    • Energy efficient C-cell batteries provide a low cost power supply.
    • Low cost straight-line sets help decrease overall burden of infusion setup



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