USME offers telemetry systems for sale or rent for new hospitals, hospital additions or department expansions.

Telemetry Systems

philips intellivue mx40

  • Full telemetry systems available for sale or rent *
  • Installation of equipment
  • Upgrades and/or expansions to existing telemetry systems
  • Available on-site physical survey with checklist
  • Install and support monitors with newer software *
  • Provide backup CPU *
  • Interface with most EMR/EHR systems *
  • Connectivity to respiratory equipment *
  • Web access *
  • Access to technical and clinical manufacturer support *
  • Fully warrantied, extendable to 5 years and beyond
    • Expected life is over 15 years, and this is based on the extensive network of internal and third-party support available throughout the US


USME supplemental telemetry services for existing telemetry departments/systems

  • Monitors and telemetry transmitters (rental/sale options available)
  • Supplemental equipment available through USME’s telemetry system shutdown program
  • Service contracts available for certain brands/manufacturers

USME Telemetry Equipment available:


Philips IntelliVue MX40 Wearable Patient Monitor
Philips M4841A IntelliVue Telemetry Transmitter
Philips M2601B Telemetry Transmitter


GE Apex pro CH
GE Apex Pro FH


Datascope Telepak 608 Telemetry Transmitter

* Available only for certain manufacturer brands. Check with your business development representative for more information.

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For questions or to request a quote, please contact your business development representative.

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