US Med-Equip partners with Turn Medical to help hospitals gain on-demand access to new automated prone therapy bed for critically ill respiratory patients

National provider of rented medical equipment, USME, boosts support for clinicians, facilitates access to Pronova-O2 automated prone therapy system 


(Houston) – As healthcare professionals continue to battle COVID, the flu, and other respiratory illnesses, hospitals nationwide are gaining on-demand access to therapeutic beds with the latest technology to help patients heal. US Med-Equip (USME) partnered with Turn Medical to help meet the extraordinary demand from hospitals turning to smarter options to save costs while providing the highest standard of patient care.  

The partnership accelerates hospitals’ access to Turn Medical’s Pronova-O2 Automated Prone Therapy System, which enables a clinician to not only turn a patient into the prone (face-down) position and back into the supine position (on their backs) but also delivers bilateral continuous lateral rotation up to 65 degrees – all with the simple touch of a button. Research has shown that placing patients in pulmonary distress on their abdomens (prone) can help prevent complications from inflammation and fluid buildup in the lungs, poor oxygenation from the weight of the heart and abdominal organs, and pressure injuries on the skin from lying in one position too long, and ultimately result in quicker recovery and reduced mortality.


“It can take six to eight clinicians to physically place a patient in the prone position and just as many to return the patient to the supine position for CPR,” Turn Medical CEO Tara Psencik said. “This labor-intensive process takes a toll on patients and clinicians alike, especially as more and more bedside clinicians having experience with the complex process of proning patients are leaving the healthcare practice altogether. Our nation is full of hospital systems reeling from staffing shortages and lack of bedside clinicians to care for the most critically ill patients, and this partnership with US Med-Equip, nationally recognized for supporting healthcare heroes, is a positive step forward. It brings together two customer- and patient-centric organizations offering innovative technology, logistical infrastructure, evidence-based solutions, and the resources necessary to increase the availability of automated prone therapy systems.”


US Med-Equip partners with thousands of hospitals across the nation for the rental, sales, service and asset management of medical equipment—diagnostic and clinical devices ranging from ventilators to therapeutic patient beds.  


“As clinicians provide life-saving care, they count on the highest quality medical equipment to help their patients heal,” US Med-Equip CEO Greg Salario said. “Our partnership with Turn Medical will offer hospitals greater access to specialized proning beds designed to help their patients heal without risking clinicians’ bedside injuries.”

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