Breas Vivo 65 Ventilator


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Condition: Refurbished

The Newport HT50 Ventilator is a patient-ready ventilator for rent and sale by US Med-Equip. The Newport HT50 is the value leader in ventilatory care.

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The Breas Vivo 65 Ventilator is a patient-ready ventilator for rent or for sale from US Med-Equip. Request a quote today.

Breas Medical proudly introduces the Vivo* 65 life-support ventilator for use in hospitals, post-acute care institutions and the home, offering clinical excellence, connectivity and advanced monitoring possibilities.

Breas Vivo 65 medical oxygen ventilator is intended to provide continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for the care of individuals who require mechanical ventilation. Breas Vivo 65 with the SpO2 sensor is intended to measure functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemaglobin (%SpO2) and pulse rate. Vivo 65 Respiratory Ventilator with the CO2 sensor is intended to measure CO2 in the inspiratory and expiratory gas.

Breas Vivo 65 Medical Oxygen Ventilators is intended to be used in home, institution, hospitals and portable applications such as wheelchairs and gurneys. Breas Vivo 65 Medical Ventilator is not intended to be used as a transport or critical care ventilator.


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